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Why the exhaust pipe leaking? What reason is caused?

by:Sinpo     2020-10-10
Recently, a netizen with the exhaust pipe up and asked the auto parts manufacturers, small make up a barrage of exhaust pipe of the problem, for example, why the exhaust pipe drop? Exhaust pipe will drop, see more at a new car, low-grade cars and luxury cars, will have this kind of phenomenon. May recently many car owners drive to the parking lot of the time in the morning, will find that the ground water, this is the car exhaust drop because of a lot of, this is what reason is caused? Why some car exhaust pipe will drop, some car no again? Actually to this phenomenon, at least to satisfy three conditions: 1, gasoline and air mixing ratio of correct: that means you are oil supply system is preferred, injection oil or carburetor oil, mixed oil and gas, just so also said your car fuel efficiency. 2, high engine compression pressure: high compression pressure this is meant, cylinder haven't wear phenomenon. Engine but the wear of cylinder pressure is lower, also causes incomplete combustion of gasoline, incomplete combustion will not drop. 3, low exhaust temperature: that means you are inside the engine broke out quantity of heat is concentrated in the cylinder, only little or no overflow to the exhaust pipe, said your engine output power. If the high exhaust temperature, vapor would not condense into water droplets. Although no big deal, but don't regardless of anything. That said, some people think that the exhaust pipe water the more the better. Small make up remind a auto parts manufacturer, if the water for a long time to stay in the exhaust pipe, corrosion of metal. Motorcycle exhaust pipe under the eye, there's a special drainage is dedicated to drain water out of the exhaust pipe inside. A lot of friends do not understand, also not clear the holes the exhaust pipe corrosion results soon. Many car owners to meet with the car's exhaust drop a lot of phenomenon, may also will see a row of white smoke exhaust pipe; This is typically the winter or the rainy season parked cars launched for the first time, but if the engine temperature, white smoke will disappear, this kind of situation will not have to worry about don't need to repair. If the engine temperature after the exhaust pipe into a row of black smoke, indicates cylinder pressure is too low or the individual cylinder does not work, shall be checked and ruled out. Engine exhaust pipes during operation a large amount of water vapor white smoke, should check whether there is water inside the fuel tank, check whether the cylinder gasket is damaged, if there is a crack cylinder, cylinder seals are in good condition, etc.
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