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Why increase in the amount of semi-trailer accessories

by:Sinpo     2020-11-07
Along with the adjustment of national policy, economic strength increasing, in the economic construction, road construction, urban and regional development, so we use continues to increase, semi-trailer semi-trailer become the necessary tools manufacturers, long-term loading of those who have the weight of the sand, semi-trailer nature cannot afford, there will be some parts to replace, it also become some of the owners. Semi-trailer accessories parametric variant design system for assembly drawing parameter design and the development of a software. Software programming, the establishment of semi-trailer accessories, the assembly constraints between the enterprise just enter the necessary parameters, according to the customer, you can drive graphics according to software, and then output to the computer aided drawing deformation of the interface, according to the engineering drawings printing equipment can work. Nature, in front of the software development, to the cost benefit, market demand, production scale and cost estimates, and feasibility analysis. Based on the change process of the entire product model is a dynamic model. Semi-trailer accessories are key components in the vehicle body, be sure to meet the performance requirements of various performance, and conform to certain rules and standards. In the past, China's localization of semi-trailer accessories, usually only pay attention to the product itself geometric shape, dimensional tolerance, a lack of ideas about the products and operation life, processing environment, the status of the materials and other aspects of comprehensive method, caused the domestic some wrong judgment.
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