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Which auto parts will cause hidden trouble to pay attention to?

by:Sinpo     2020-10-11
Which auto parts will cause hidden trouble to pay attention to? 1, after dark paste film most owners to buy a car to put a film in the car, but the film is also very delicate, low too dark light transmittance of thin film, sincerely do not recommend to buy. At the beginning of this year's car yearly check, also requires light transmittance of thin film. Color is too deep film by checking. Low light transmittance, and dark membrane in a strong light during the day does not affect the line of sight, but at night or dark places like through the tunnel, the shortcomings of dark membrane is exposed. Car nearly invisible, especially on rainy days when driving at night, left and right sides is almost blind, greatly increases the security hidden danger. Therefore, we recommend you to choose high pervious to light film, if must choose dark membrane, can be left in position windshield triangle area, convenient for observation. 2. The steering wheel mobile phones in air-conditioning outlet installed mobile phone holder is convenient put is understandable, but put the phone on the steering wheel is what mean? Look at your mobile phone while driving? We should know that accident often happened in an instant, situations can happen on the road. Maybe we looking down at the moment, the accident would happen to us. What's more, cars now have airbags basically. The principle of airbag probably everyone knows. In simple terms, this is a small explosives. Airbags in exploded by expanding gas. Airbag speed is very fast. Once the airbags explode, cell phone would like shells hit the driver head directly. 3. Non-standard steering wheel steering wheel is also very common auto supplies, but also has a lot of steering wheel exists great potential safety hazard. Common is also criticized the wool cloth with soft nap is pictured above the steering wheel sets. To tell the truth, before the car's interior is simpler. If the color is good, the steering wheel set of grace will really. But now auto interior design more and more modern. Steering wheel covers design really not very match. It will also increase the thickness of the steering wheel, prevent you see the dashboard, and influence to operation in an emergency, which is harmful, but are not good. 4. Buckle some car seat belt without warning. If you don't wear your seat belt, the dashboard will continue to report to the police, so they have belt buckle. I don't know how uncomfortable with system security. I only know that most of the old drivers get on the car is not wearing a seatbelt, feel a little less. In normal driving, we do not feel the benefits of seat belts, and even feel it is very afraid. But you can imagine the situation: the brakes, side turn or side. Passenger in the car braking or involuntary damaged windshield is easy, even in the case of the speed fast enough to fly out of the car. Rear passengers are also easy to be left to the front. When the vehicle rollover or overturned, attached to the seat belt passengers can be tightly. If there is no fasten your seat belts, passengers can easily be thrown out of the car. 5, unqualified unqualified mat MATS will bring you a lot of accidents, such as floor MATS card on the accelerator pedal are unable to return to the position of the vehicles continues to accelerate, MATS forward block brake pedal or cut short a visit to the clutch pedal to reduce braking performance, the clutch is not completely. Generally speaking, we must pay attention to when buying car floor mat two details. First of all, we must have a fixed device. Some of them are magic stickers, direct adsorption on car carpet. Some on the carpet floor MATS have fixed buckle. We should choose to have the interface of floor MATS. Totally enclosed pedal must choose a certain thickness and hardness of products, profile must have a fixed device, otherwise easy to jam accelerator pedals.
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