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Which auto parts are wearing parts? Vulnerable parts of car!

by:Sinpo     2020-10-11
Which auto parts are wearing parts? S wiper blade for the replacement of wiper blade, Taiwan incense cedar said no fixed period. But according to the conditions of xi 'an, wiper best replaced once a year. Daily use of wiper blade, to avoid 'dry', so it is easy to damage wiper blade, serious when the automobile glass damage. Owner had better be in spraying cleaning and lubricity better glass, then start the wiper, usually wash the car also should clean the blade it at the same time. Engaged in auto parts sales of Mr. Sun suggests that replace the wiper blade, car owners should refer to the vehicle wiper instructions to choose appropriate specifications. 'Wiper blade when the choose and buy, the owner can use finger to touch the surface of rubber wiper, if found leaf aging, hardening, cracks, rubber blade without flexibility, can be assumed to be false and inferior product. 'Mr. Sun said. S brake pads depending on individual driving habits, the service life of brake pad are also different. Taiwan incense cedar, said in the daily maintenance, found that some of the vehicle brake pads need to be replaced after traveling more than 10000 kilometers, and some of the vehicles in the range of 80000 km, the brake pads can work normally. '80000 km can normal use of brake pad is a separate case. 'Taiwan incense cedar, explained that the owner is best done when in 20000 kilometers of vehicle brake pads, typically, at about 30000 kilometers replace the brake pads. Normally, the owner can be in touch when parking the tire wall way to examine the brake pads, if a tire wall temperature is particularly high, is probably a problem pads, the owner should immediately go to 4 s shop inspection on brake pads. S tire 'under normal circumstances, a tire replacement cycle is 30000 to 40000 kilometers. Auto 4 s shops do after 10000 km the vehicle chassis maintenance, car four tires will be shifted accordingly, so as to prolong the service life of tires. 'Said Taiwan incense cedar, vehicle after 20000 km, the owner had better do a four-wheel positioning, four-wheel data correction, ensure the normal use of the tire, to prevent the eccentric wear. If the four-wheel positioning inaccurate data, it is easy to cause tire eccentric wear, reduce the tire life. 'Tire pattern less than 1 mm, the owner must be replaced immediately! 'Taiwan incense cedar stresses. S spark plug, the engine timing belt, battery, according to Taiwan incense cedar spark plug can be divided into two categories, platinum spark plugs and ordinary spark plugs, platinum spark plugs is in commonly 80000 to 100000 kilometers, and the life of the ordinary spark plug is much shorter, usually in 20000 to 30000 kilometers, the need to change. Related to fuel quality is the life of a spark plug, so the owner during refueling, best to regular gas station. The engine timing belt is best in 2 years or 60000 kilometers for inspection or replacement. However, if the vehicle is timing chain assembly, don't bound by '2 years or 60000 kilometers' for replacement. Battery is usually replaced 2 years inspection as appropriate. Stalling Taiwan incense cedar notes, usually in the car, the car owners to use less as far as possible the vehicle's electrical equipment, prevent battery lost electricity. If you have s/used to put the oil filter, air filter, fuel filter called '/', is filtering effect, since they would need to be replaced in a timely manner. Typically, oil change oil filter in every 5000 km with the replacement; Air filter replacement of about 20000 km, if vehicles use region air pollution is more serious, need to replace in advance; Fuel filter is usually replaced in 20000 km. S motor oil for vehicles all kinds of oil at work, Taiwan incense cedar said, according to the vehicle usage, engine oil is usually at 5000 km or 3 months replacement, often should check the engine oil quantity at ordinary times, to ensure that on the bottom line; When brake fluid is recommended in 40000 kilometers replacement; Antifreeze generally replaced in 2 years or 60000 kilometers, pay attention to the liquid level height, at ordinary times if below the lower limit, must be timely supplement; Changed during transmission oil from 50000 to 60000 km; To change the steering engine oil at 60000 km.
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