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When buying car accessories and maintenance should pay attention to what issues?

by:Sinpo     2020-09-29
Car suffered old pieces, is that many owners worry about. Especially now of unscrupulous businessmen so much, so consumers must be more careful. Master today for everyone to clean some skills, for the consumer is buying auto parts, and make a remind: when the car maintenance is a view product marks. Real product producer name and address, contact phone number, such as mark clear, good quality, packaging and packaging in the inside and outside are clear and bright colours. And fake and inferior products are often poor quality of packaging, packaging, both inside and outside the handwriting is not clear, overprint color turbidity, the logo blurred, some fake and inferior products packaging and decoloring phenomenon exists. 2 it is to see the product accompanying documents. According to the state provisions on important parts, such as the assembly of the carburetor, engine, distributor, generators, transmission, etc. , the factory must be over 6 manual, certificate of approval, in order to guide the installation commissioning and maintenance of repair. Fake and inferior products without the accompanying documentation, especially the renovation of end-of-life vehicles is removed parts without any identification. Three is to look at the product price. Consumers can query via the Internet or contact other businesses understand the same type auto parts price, through the comparison, the price can distinguish authenticity of auto parts, false and inferior product price is the price of the original factory goods far worse, even the price difference to dozens of times. If it is found that buying accessories price significantly lower than the market price, or merchants wholesale channels is not normal, for more fake and inferior products. Four is to look at the product detail characteristics: first, to see products anti-counterfeiting mark. Use more anti-fake method mainly has two types: one is security code. Some auto parts on the outer packing or certificate of approval, the instruction with silver coating, scraping coating will have a set of Numbers, can the group number by SMS messages to the manufacturer to verify authenticity. The second is fixed shading. Part of the auto parts of coloring is fixed, as the product logo. Second see parts of the joint. Joint between the parts are pressed, welding etc. Who made up by two or more than two parts, the joints are not allowed to have loose, clearance. Again to see parts of protection. To prevent parts in damaged during transportation, storage, real products, the product surface coated with protective layer or use protective oil seal, shield packaging is good. Take another look at parts surface strength or hardness. Original spare parts design requirement is high, the material is of good quality, advanced processing technology, and the false and inferior product to reach these conditions, the poor quality of its surface, can use hacksaw blade and other hard objects on the surface of parts gently approached, if there is no scratches, high hardness, good quality. Finally see parts manufacturing process. Poor counterfeit parts production technology and processing quality is rough, many die casting crack, sand holes. Use of end-of-life vehicles parts surface is removed, there is some wear marks.
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