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What types semi-trailer suspension

by:Sinpo     2020-11-05
Semi-trailer suspension is a kind of semi-trailer above common accessories, it is a vehicle frame with all the force of connection between axle and wheel device, its role is to transfer function between the wheel and the frame and torsional force, the force and the buffer by the uneven road surface to the impact of the frame or body, and the attenuation of the resulting vibration, to ensure that the car can drive smoothly, because of the different types of semi-trailer, demand for suspension is also different, so the suspension type on the market also is more, then we can for a trailer suspension types including those in the second half. Suspension type on the market at present commonly includes two kinds, respectively is heart type suspension and American suspension, viewed from the outside, the German type suspension is only composed of some stents and spring, but don't think it is very simple, trailer suspension is a more difficult to meet the requirements of the chassis assembly, this is because the suspension should not only satisfy the requirement of the trailer load, and to meet the requirements of the manipulation stability, and these two aspects is in opposition to each other. In addition, in the market, also including special vehicle dedicated single-point suspension, air suspension, etc. , the main suspension structure composed of elastic element, guides and shock absorber, individual structure and buffer block, transverse stabilizer bar and so on.
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