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What's the use of auto parts wholesale introduction to exhaust cleaner?

by:Sinpo     2020-12-08
Exhaust cleaner in addition to all by 'metaphysics' and deceptive fuel card, there is also a function similar to that intended to 'to reduce emissions, improve, improve the power of symbols', and other functions of the exhaust cleaner. From a practical point of view, the use of this kind of colorless transparent exhaust cleaner after joining tank vehicle can actually moving, did not appear any exception. Through the inspection found that its composition containing 90% methanol. Due to methanol can burn itself, such as Shanxi Province also promote containing 15% methanol gasoline, nature also added that it is not hard to understand why additives of car can run normally. Small make up said: propaganda effect of fuel economy, is just more burning methanol less oil fired, although methanol prices lower than gasoline, but the price of this kind of product per liter motor gasoline, save the oil but there is no money. Using this kind of product and the hidden danger of damage to the vehicle. In accordance with the specifications, cleaner need according to the ratio of 3:7 blended with gasoline to add methanol gasoline is much higher than 15%, without special transformation engine extensive use of additives such as methanol can lead to corrosion metal parts and rubber parts. Didn't save on gas, then to build on the repair cost is obviously a significant do more harm than good.
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