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What place of trailer accessories right?

by:Sinpo     2020-09-25
Trailer axle but integral, so grand barbell, both ends by suspension system to support the body, so the integral axle of trailer and usually not specifically suspension assistance; Trailer axle can be broken open, like two umbrella in on both sides of the car body, and my sisters computer operating systems make body through suspension, so breaking axle of trailer and special suspension. To build the bridge, probably by eight recruit into section and a beam material. If compared the beam to oneself circumstance, into a section that is stable after he brain, neck which is we often say that for the king pin, wheel is mounted on a into festival, may bring a sun hat head. Through the season, however, sun hat, brain isn't functioning, middle level lift reducer points, although brain after shaking. Neck - King pin are classified wheel axis, the axis of the axis is not perpendicular to the ground, the wheels also not vertical, we will be demonstrated in the wheel standard step carefully. To energy bridge and to identify the bridge that is all all is hollow, the beam into bridge shell, section to section into into a shell, the secret is inside the root energy axis. Because of this energy axle was divided in two by the address in the middle of the bridge shell level differential, and into two half shaft. Eight recruit sun hat is set on the brain is not well understood, but also with the two half shaft inside you can reverse link. Half shaft in 'neck' night market - more joints Universal joint, so half shaft is also into two aspects, inside outside half shaft and half shaft. Trailer accessories according to the method of energy right, trailer axle also additional income into bridge, energy, into energy and support bridge three. A little bit are driven to bridge and supporting bridge bridge. Most of the rolling energy after follow the front ( FR) , so the front axle are transformed into bridge, as a rear axle are treated as energy bridge; And before the front energy ( FF) Rolling back the front axle is converted to energy bridge, rear axle bridge ACTS as a support.
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