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What car parts broken no warranty?

by:Sinpo     2020-08-28
1 start the wiper, wiper spray some cleaning fluids, pay attention to whether or not the action of wiper fluid, if appear larger noise. If any, may be the rain too much pressure to the glass, must make the appropriate adjustments. If there are scratches and dirty, may be should check to see if there is aging, cracking and other phenomenon, need to replace the wiper blade. 2, brake and the brake disc brake pills whether need to change the most direct way is to see the thickness. General new brake piece will be about 15 mm thickness, when wear only one-third ( 4 - 5毫米) , it should be replaced. Don't wait to wear to the brake piece of limit of iron sharpens iron to replace 'hiss' sound, then may brake disc have also been damaged. Like brake pads, will increase the wastage of the brake disc in frequent emergency braking, so bad driving habits will directly lead to a reduction in the brake disc replacement cycle, the difference is that because the material problem, brake disc brake pads than more wear-resisting, change cycle is longer, in general, the more love 2 - Three brake pads, you need to replace the brake disc at a time. 3, storage battery car battery service life is 2 - commonly 3 years, new original battery can use more than 3 years. So if your battery if you already use for almost two years, to note that the service life of it may have expired. Forget to turn off the lights or car the car electrical equipment, vehicle flameout none before air conditioning, no electricity equipment is widely used in car case these behavior will cause damage to the battery. 4, car headlights: according to usage, 50000 km, or 2 years to replace. Automobile headlamps, commonly known as 'high', because for the work at night lighting, headlamps is equivalent to the car's eyes, so to speak. Headlight bulb of good or bad will affect the performance of the effect of night lighting, is directly related to driving safety. According to the principle of light, headlight bulb can be divided into vacuum lamp, halogen lamp and xenon lamp, etc. Several types. Vacuum lamps and halogen lamps cheap, used widely, but life is short, generally for hundreds of hours. Xenon lamp life can reach 2500 ~ 3000 hours, and the lighting effect is better, but the price is higher. Of course no matter what type of light bulb, the basic maintenance of common sense is almost. 5, tire tire replacement cycle is relatively stable in the auto parts, general for five years or so, but in the process of road, the road of the rough, tire pressure instability, or often tied tire blowout will dramatically reduce the service life of tires, so in addition to regular check tires, as far as possible to manipulate the smooth road, refused to violence to drive are key to prolonging the service life of the tyre.
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