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What business type auto parts wholesale market products

by:Sinpo     2020-09-01
What kind auto parts wholesale market products are there? With the development of The Times, more and more car related accessories and supplies. Underneath, small make up to introduce classification. Automotive electronics: mainly include air purifier, automotive massagers, vacuum cleaners, car safe, air compressor, etc. GPS navigation, GPS vehicle locator can help locate, avoid detours; GPS navigation safety warning device to ensure driving safety. Mechanical products: steering wheel locks, anti-theft buckle, safety warning signs, central lock, stalls locks, etc. Accessories: decorated cars, improve the car. Main car stickers headlight decoration, explosion-proof heat insulation film, tail compartments decorations, etc. Functional products: winter wool mat, child seats, cool cushion, steering wheel decoration, leather neck pillow seat covers, etc. Metal equipment: waxing sponge, press tools, vacuum cleaner and other beauty equipment and lie, balance machine, tire machine, jacks, and other maintenance equipment. Above is the small make up for the auto parts products, in addition, auto parts wholesale market still has a lot of business project.
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