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What are the [semi-trailer axle brand Must see 】

by:Sinpo     2020-11-08
Trailer axle is divided into drive axle, steering axle and steering bridge four axles and support. The steering axle and support bridge are driven bridge. Most of the cars driven by lead after ( FR) , so the front axle as steering axle and rear axle as the drive axle; And before the front drive ( FF) Automobile front axle be steering drive axle and rear axle bridge ACTS as a support, so in the production of semi-trailer axle is there are a lot of brands. Sharp sheng trailer accessories co. , LTD is a professional production and sale of trailer accessories, one of the leading company of semi-trailer axle is a professional production, the company has advanced production equipment, strong technical strength and sales network all over the country, advancing with The Times, blaze new trails. After many years of hard work now has already become the most powerful trailer accessories production and sales center, won the unanimous approval and praise customers.
trailer axle drive axle of the function and composition of
trailer axle drive axle role: the driving force from the engine to the drive wheels, realize slow down increase torsion effect, change the direction of power transmission at the same time. Of drive axle of trailer axle: by the main reducer, differential and half shaft, axle housing. For FF and FR drive axle installation location, structure difference. FF: clutch, gearbox, main reducer, differential and drive axle components are installed in the transmission housing, is located in the front of the car, power passed to the front wheels. FR: the main reducer, differential and drive axle components installed in the drive axle casing, which, in the back of my car power transmitted to the rear wheels.
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