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What are the essential parts of semi trailer?

by:Sinpo     2020-10-30
With the improvement of modern living standard, semi-trailer has been widely used in our life, because compared with the traditional truck, its loading capacity may not reach a certain number of, so it is more used to transport large goods, such as a car transport, etc. Also can be modified according to the needs of owners and debugging. So a full trailer, what are the essential parts? Here are the production of trailer accessories manufacturers of all staff to tell: essential components have the following items: 1, hydraulic jack, suggested that equipped with 2 - 3; 2, a lift line, used in a lift start battery after losing electricity; 3, conditional also should include vacuum since the supplement and replacement for steel wire tire; 4, reflective warning signs, also suggested that equipped with 2 - 3, the carrier content beyond trunk length long to suspension and accident or failure to put a warning to the rear to car; 5, electric pneumatic equipment, semi trailer wheels so much if by manpower inflatable to charge vomiting blood. 6, tire sleeve, a torque rod, butter filling equipment, used for replacement tires and lubrication for parts; 7, triangular wood, used for parking ramp, tires with advice with 4 - Eight, depending on the vehicle load. 8, lighting equipment, used to repair and distress with night, recommend the portable light flashlight; 9, if super-heavy vehicle load is also should be equipped with chain and wire rope, prevent fall after the car cannot extricate oneself, can pass the gourd on surrounding trees such as the object of self-help; 10, trailer rope, used for rescue vehicles. Above is all staff to introduce what are the essential parts of semi-trailer related introduction, hope you can help to you. ( Reminder notice] Semi-trailer is everywhere may see vehicles on the road, because there are huge body, so suggest that we should pay attention to avoid when see semi-trailer, don't make fun of his own life.
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