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What are the components of automobile engine accessories usually?

by:Sinpo     2020-09-19
What are the components of automobile engine accessories usually? The basic parts of a car are set by the engine, chassis, electric copy for four major part and body and accessory equipment. Engine is car power plant, its role is to make for the fuel combustion and attack power ( The heat energy into mechanical energy) , and then through the chassis drive train driving wheels, to make the car. Gasoline engine by the crank connecting rod mechanism, distribution mechanism, fuel for 2113 system, cooling system, lubricating system and ignition system, 5261 starting composition. The chassis by the transmission, driving system, steering system and brake system. Electrical equipment is composed of power and electricity 4102 equipment of two parts. Power supply including battery and generator; Electrical equipment including the engine starting system, ignition system and other electric devices: lighting, signal, instrumentation, air conditioning, stereo, wiper, etc. Except for the cars and some passenger car is outside the body of monolithic structure, van body is usually composed of cab and the container 1653. Sharp sheng auto parts auto parts manufacturers, auto parts wholesale, can understand the new auto parts price quotation, sharp focus on the automobile spare parts manufacturing for 26 years, provide car auto parts, van parts of production, car accessories variety is complete, the national shipping, let you one-stop complete procurement
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