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What are common trailer accessories?

by:Sinpo     2020-11-03
Trailer has gradually become the mainstream of transportation vehicles, on trailer, in order to guarantee the safe driving, it is has a lot of trailer accessories, can have different auxiliary function respectively, then we will read what are the common trailer accessories. A leg. Is used to support the vehicle, a major part of the leg has a double speed gearbox, support, support bar, drive screw ( Crank) And supporting plate, the structure is very simple function is very important, types include single action and linkage. Second, the brake chamber. Mainly includes two kinds, one is the single chamber, is a kind of double air chamber, the difference is the single chamber air chamber air chamber and double cavity choice deciding factor is whether the bridge set the parking brake, air brake system of parking brake is done by double cavity chamber of the compression spring, said only a double cavity chamber can also realize the parking brake. Single cavity only crane brake chamber, brake chamber can't realize the parking brake. Three, traction. Divided into 50 # and 90 #, which are classified according to the drawing pin of the equipped with, is divided into single pendulum and double pendulum traction, the motion of the pendulum traction seat or saddle only can back and forth, double pendulum traction seat the traction seat can be swinging back and forth again. Fourth, suspension. Mainly including German type suspension, American hang hang, air suspension and single point. Five, traction pin. Is connected to the tractor semi-trailer together and bear the important connection part of the traction, when the in starting, braking and driving on the ramp, the impact of bigger, so you must have enough strength and toughness, l also for traction pin and saddle often hit each other and generate relative motion, so the connection need to wear so must have high surface hardness. , of course, in addition to above common trailer parts, its accessories include hinges, girder and so on, small make up in this not introduced one by one, if you want to know more information about accessories, welcome to our company's website.
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