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True and false auto parts how to distinguish fake goods for damage

by:Sinpo     2020-11-26
A: sodium silicate water glass is used to clean the car front and rear windshield specialized tools, general blue liquid. When the line of sight fuzzy inward dialing the steering wheel on the right side of the pole, glass of water will be accompanied by a wiper clean glass. A glass of water is expendable, especially in windy and rainy weather, use frequency is very high, have to be up in a few days. This article is also very good buy, general supermarkets, street motor repair shop are sold. But now there is a very important problem, the glass water fakes on the market, although the price is not expensive, the problem is that fake glass water easy to plug the nozzle, and clean the glass is not clean. How to identify? First is to find a container to a bit down in the refrigerator, in general the freezing point of water glass is very low, take out the next day after not caking phenomenon, liquid liquid is very smooth, there is no question of this glass of water. Then the smell, see if there are any alcohol taste, quality goods the glass of water, generally in composition more or less will have the presence of ethanol, because of its low freezing point, has the very good cold resistance. If on the premise of not unscrewed the cap, you can shake shake, look at how much bubbles in the bottle, the glass of water bubble rich stripping decontamination ability is stronger. 2: the oil motor oil is equivalent to the blood of engine, they reduced the friction between the metal, improve the work efficiency and increase the service life of the engine. Discern between true and false oil, generally speaking, there are three steps. A look at the main is to look at the color, under the normal temperature condition, the authentic oil color than fake goods to the deep number of engine oil, and there is no impurity. Two smell through the nose to smell the smell of the oil, will find that almost no sensitive taste authentic oil, similar to a light faint scent, and fake oil has obvious excitant gas smell. Three frozen this method and testing the glass of water, take a little oil to the paper cup, then place it about 15 degrees Celsius below zero in the fridge, freeze for 48 hours, the oil quality goods will show a good low temperature fluidity, transparency and color no obvious change at the same time, while fake oil there will be a slight sticky, and turbidity. Three: a lot of friends in TuoBao pads used to buy their own maintenance material to some repair shop after maintenance, brake pad is an important part of the accessories, fake not only speeding car brake pads, will also threaten our life safety, poor what also can't poor brakes, not without reason. If in daily driving, tap the brakes at the same time accompanied by 'iron ceng iron' ( Alarm) Sibilance, braking distance significantly longer, that will more slippery brake pads, in general, about sixty thousand km consider replacement, even if you don't change also want to check it. Select good brake pads, first is to look at the weight, the high quality of brake pads a much heavier than the weight of the fake, you can take the old brake pads weigh, if the new weight is very heavy, do not have what problem. The second is to look at the packaging, quality goods packaging exquisite pads, and are equipped with the certificate of approval. Then see if brake pads is middle diversion trench, is the role of the groove friction chips, ensure working face tight. The location of the last to see, alarm standard not standard, this is the process problems, if even this all can't do it well, so you put directly to give up the fake goods. Above is the simple little method discern between true and false, in fact the most simple way is in 4 s store to buy, although more expensive, but the can guarantee to you, even if is a problem, claims it is also very convenient. Do not covet is cheap to pick up the sesame lost watermelon.
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