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Transport essential items have?

by:Sinpo     2020-11-27
Transport essential items have? Recommend you said from the problem. Battery is in use process will often appear electrode saline phenomenon, seriously affect the vehicle's normal boot. Generally in this case, the owner will usually compare meng force: I just change the battery. Actually this time as long as you have a no. 10 at the hands of the wrench can solve a problem. Across the electrodes of the battery with a wrench to be removed, a sprinkle with hot water, wash away the salinization besmirch, across the electrodes and check the buckle with no traces of salinization besmirch, so also wash away or use hard objects. Battery electrode salinization phenomena appear the main cause of salinization besmirch, there are two: one, storage battery charging for a long time is not enough, try to avoid long time shut down power; Second, the battery internal barrier damage so direct contact with the positive and negative plates. All around the main objects are driving the driver often contact, like the steering wheel, instrument panel, door handles etc. These things often use some normal wear is acceptable, but you have to do is to prevent the aging of preparation. If your car is leather interior, so the car, you'd better prepare a bottle of leather curing agent, often wipe the point of no harm. And then buy a bottle of table board wax, table board wax can delay the ageing of the interior, in after wipe interior, spray evenly in the center console. Often carried out on the seat, instrument panel maintenance of ageing could he slowed down the trunk to prepare a bottle of water glass. I believe that every owner will meet this kind of circumstance, want to fantasy water brush glass, glass if the glass water enhanced additionally is not big enough to finish brush is not brush? If the car with a glass of water, so the problem can be ignored. The car at all times, with a glass of water, you can increases with the increasing of added. Here want to say more, sometimes encounter glass water injection quantity insufficient and uneven situation, this time we can think of to repair shop to check, when make tea money. But if your car have a wallpaper knife can perfectly solve the problem, you can use the wallpaper knife blade to adjust the outlet, so as to adjust the effect of glass water jet Angle. Wallpaper knife blade can be used to adjust the outlet I don't think it is quite a number of car owners themselves to change tyres, perhaps is to see the car that purely mechanical jack gave up. Honestly threaded screw jack really solid and reliable, but is not very convenient to use. After jack propping up and ground support area is small. Thread screw jacks and ground contact area is relatively small, the car up, not only can be very arduous, also easy to get dirty hands. After jack propping up, rolled up on a very arduous. The discharge and the original car tire wrench is hard enough to use, there is always a kind of whole body prehistorical powers to use no room makes sense, skipping demolition tires to put on a monkey show too, blunt the prefer to delay the time I have to call the rescue. In today's technology so mature, just put the two things a little upgrade, change the tire is easily. A hydraulic jack, a electric wrench is definitely your choice. Hydraulic jack, the minimum bearing 2 tons, use very convenient. Plug-in electric wrench if you stick with the original car jack and wrench keep tires in good, fellow partners looking at you so expertly finished in tires, no delay travel plans and absolute affection for you. Tool to use the original car tyre is a strength to work to see if you feel this change a tire or a restive task, please click the second page, to teach you how to correctly handle change a tire easily. Of course, if you are interested in can also look at the past wonderful content, the following is a portal.
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