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Trailer support device preparation before use

by:Sinpo     2020-11-02
To make trailer support device more smoothly to finish the work, the preparation before the operation can't be lack. So, here to tell you about interested friends can see together. Trailer support device before work need to check the size of the trailer traction and traction pin's size, need to be check before use and ensure matching. Also examined the tractor saddle working face and the drawing of the semi trailer pin, traction skateboard whether there is a sand, dust or other dirt, whether there is enough grease. These are all must be a clear understanding. This is to introduce the trailer support device is ready for use, I believe you have a new understanding, must ensure the integrity of each part of the trailer, can guarantee the normal work.
semi-trailer leg of preparation before operation.
to the semi-trailer leg says people must be very familiar with, is an important part of vehicle, in order to ensure a better job, then tell you something about the preparation before operation, interested friends can learn together. Semi-trailer head and traction pin size, are all need to check before work, so we can ensure the compatibility. Need a careful examination of the tractor saddle of the working face and the drawing of the semi-trailer pin, traction skateboard have any sand, dust or other foreign material, etc. , have the embellish grease. Is to introduce the semi-trailer leg above the preparation before the operation, I believe you have a new understanding, everybody must do a good job in checking before work to ensure safe and smooth into work.
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