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Trailer support device mold is how to return a responsibility?

by:Sinpo     2020-11-02
Speak of the trailer to support everyone's familiar with, play an important role, but we found moldy would happen after using for a long time, what are the reasons? Below for everyone to explain in detail. 1, with storage environment, if the trailer leg device storage environment humidity, can produce the mold temperature is suitable for the case, so the mould. 2, from surface contamination, automatic air to absorb water form a galvanic corrosion reaction, built the mould is suitable for the growth of the environment, if only leg with grease or plant fiber is suitable for the soil fungal growth, if temperature is suitable for sterilization will be rapid growth. This is to introduce the trailer support device mouldy reason, I believe you heart have the answer at the moment, you must be in accordance with the correct way to use and maintenance. Continue to focus on our web site for more information.
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