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Trailer parts of trailer suspension?

by:Sinpo     2020-09-24
Trailer suspension also belongs to a kind of trailer accessories, the typicality of the suspension structure made by the elastic element, orientation, organization, and shock absorber, individual structure is built and the buffer block, the horizontal stabilizer bar, etc. Each kind of trailer accessories to the trailer has a very important role in the effect of key. Like a trailer suspension, it is steam car chassis and axle and wheel treads in the middle of the all power transmission connection devices, the following is detailed to introduce to you the trailer suspension of trailer accessories. Suspension is a steam car frame and axle and wheel treads all force even the linkage between the President, according to its function is passed to send role in force and the force between the wheel treads and frame torsion, and buffer by the uneven road surface to the frame or body of blunt body impact force of trailer accessories manufacturers, business suspension is car frame and axle or any force between the wheel treads of all connected devices, the President said the effect is the effect that transfer function between the wheel and the frame of the torsional force and force, and the buffer by the uneven road surface to the frame or body of blunt body impact force, and causes vibration attenuation caused thereby, suspension is an important key in trailer parts assembly, it of the frame and wheel linked to ductility, concerns the multiple use of performance indicators. Viewed from the outside, the car suspension is only composed of rod, tube and spring group of yellow, but don't don't think it is very simple, instead of car suspension is a more difficult to achieve than the requirements of the automobile assembly process, this is because the suspension should not only satisfy the requirement of the considering vehicle comfort degrees, and to meet the requirements of its control stability reliability, and the two sides level is mutual between opposing each other. To take in order to obtain good comfort, for example, need, must be greatly buffer stock the vibration of the car, the spring design will be as soft, but spring hair soft and very easy to make cars produce brake pedal the nod, fast speed 'looking up' and left leaning on both sides and severe adverse tendency, is not conducive to car steering brake, easily lead to unstable vehicle handling car control is not smooth, etc. Common semi-trailer accessories including car body, axle and suspension systems, axle and suspension hanging system located in the side at the bottom of the car body, among them, the axle poles dumbbell shaped, on both ends of the axle edge set wheels, the lateral set on end at the bottom of the car body, hang suspension systems between car body and the axle used in connecting axle and body: when the car body by external drag drag, the body through the suspension hanging system drive is located in the axle wheel fitness at both ends.
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