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Trailer parts cleaning tips

by:Sinpo     2020-11-14
In order to guarantee the quality of trailer accessories, we shall give reasonable cleaning to accessories, avoid rust. 1, for all kinds of trailer parts cleaning, shall, according to their different requirements for cleanliness, properly adopted different cleaning agents. 2, can't use strong alkali cleaning agent cleaning aluminum alloy parts, also can not use strong acid detergent cleaning copper parts. In order to ensure the quality of the parts, to avoid parts rust. 3, different parts should be clean. Aluminum alloy parts, copper parts are out of place in alkaline or acidic cleaner in a clear, rubber parts are not suitable for and other steel parts in gasoline and diesel oil, acid and alkaline cleaner clean up together. The above three points is trailer parts cleaning tips, can not only reasonable for trailer parts cleaning surface oil, still can prolong its service life. So the clean-up is not easily ignored.
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