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Trailer parts brake failure when processing method

by:Sinpo     2020-12-15
1, when the car the next long, steep slope with or without conditions should be on the brake pedal. Is possible the testing of brake performance, brake can also be found from the control of the driving speed, also known as predictive brake pedal. 2, according to road conditions and driving speed control direction, release the block, the rapid boom one feet empty oil at the same time, high speed gear change into low gear. In this way, the launch timing has great traction resistance decreased with rapid speed. In addition, while in low gear, should be separated using the hand brake, but should pay attention to the hand brake can't taut, also can not pull too slowly. If too tight, it is easy to make the brake disc 'lock', is likely to damage the transmission part and the loss of braking performance; If so slowly, that will make the brake disc wear ablation and loss of braking effect. 3, the application of car bumper, car parts rigidity and roadside natural obstacles such as ( Rocks, trees, or soil) Friction, collision, achieve the goal of forced parking escape, as far as possible to reduce accident loss. 4, downhill brake failure, can not used the car's own institutions to control the speed, the driver should be decisive used natural obstacles, such as rocks, trees, etc. , the side of the road for the car form resistance. If time can not find suitable terrain and objects can be applied, an emergency may to mountain side, the side of the body to increase friction resistance, gradually decline in driving speed. 5, uphill brake failure, should be modest reduction in low and middle block, insist on enough parking on peak power. If you need the banpo parking, should adhere to the low gears, marching taut hand brake, with staff in a timely manner, the content such as stow-wood jammed wheel with stones. If there is a sliding phenomenon, after the rear should be on the safe side, or slope and turn lights and emergency lights, provoked before and after the attention of the car.
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