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Trailer accessories processing

by:Sinpo     2020-10-30
Trailer brake chamber supporting device, and emergency relay valve, traction pin all belong to the trailer of several major parts, in addition to the trailer body, this a few big parts is also about the quality of vehicle transport safety and economy of top priority. So will pay special attention to in the manufacturing process. Trailer axle is placed in the center of gravity ( When the vehicle uniform loading) The back, and is equipped with the horizontal and vertical force can be passed to the tractor trailer hitch. By traction pin connected to hang half a head of a heavy transport vehicles. Buy a new trailer accessories when need to pay attention to the quality of the parts, quality detection, evaluation and shoddy products; Rusty spot mark, crack and deformation on the surface of parts is to carry out the accurate judgment to distinguish, check to see if the size of the trailer accessories conform to the original size of trailer accessories. In use at the same time we also need to constantly check the leg bolt fastening situation, prevent loose losing support. After using a year or thirty thousand km to refill the lithium base grease ensure normal use gear parts.
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