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Trailer accessories manufacturer: how can I buy a suitable car accessories

by:Sinpo     2020-09-26
In the van of maintenance maintenance, we often to accidentally bought fake accessories and don't share the car accessories. So, how can I purchased from trailer accessories manufacturer to conform to the standards and share the car accessories? 1, see the trademark logo is complete. The handwriting on the orthodox school goods packaging are of good quality and package is clear, bright colours. On the packing box, bag, shall be marked with product name, specifications, quantity, a registered trademark, name address and telephone number, etc. , some manufacturer also hit their mark on the car accessories. See carefully when buy, prevent to buy the fake and low-quality commodities. 2, to see if geometry size variant. Some car parts due to the improper manufacture, transport, storage, easy to cause variant. See if combining site is flat and level. Car accessories in the process of handling, storage, because of vibration, knock against, often cause burr in combining site, indentation, breakage or crack, damage the use of parts. When buying need to pay attention to check. 3, to see if glue joint parts loose. By two or more than two parts, accessories parts is after being connected in between, glue joint or welding, between them are not allowed to have loose phenomenon, if found loose when buying, must be paid to the exchange. 4, to see if car parts surface rust. Conform to the standard of the surface of the car accessories, not only has certain precision and polished finish, the key parts, the higher precision, more rigorous rustproof packaging. When buy should pay attention to check, if find parts with rust spots, mildew spots or rubber parts cracked, loss of elasticity, or shaft neck surface has obvious pattern of the lathe tool, trailer accessories manufacturers should be change.
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