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Trailer accessories factory tutor you how to remove the smell of paint

by:Sinpo     2020-12-25
Everyone know the paint for our human body health harmful gas. Usually we often give house air, air. So, decorate should choose environmental protection material, choosing water-based paint brush paint, relative to the environmental protection paint. Here is to introduce the several smell of paint to remove the small common sense. First buy some pineapple, cut plate, put a two sets in each room, so the paint smell in the room will soon be absorbed. Pineapple is crude fiber class fruit, can absorb the smell of paint, and can send out a faint scent flavor, accelerate the speed of odor removal, and spend less, is a good way to three all its beauty. Second with POTS and pans filled with cold water, then add right amount feed vinegar to room ventilated place, opened the door of furniture, such as well as a moderate amount of evaporation wall coating surface water protection, but also to remove residual odor. There is a few flowers and plants in the house was put on, such as cacti, bracketplant, African chrysanthemum, Chinese rose, ivy, cycas, chrysanthemum, etc. , can remove the smell of paint in the room.
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