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To understand the knowledge of the auto parts, to ensure the safety of driving

by:Sinpo     2020-10-13
To understand the knowledge of the auto parts, safety 1, oil: oil also known as engine oil. Million rui xin automobile think if compare engine to automobile heart, so in the engine oil is the blood of car. Its role is largely when the engine is running, the engine is flowing all need the location of the lubrication, reduce engine wear, between various components in order to prolong the service life of the engine. 2, car air filter: the parts is used when the engine work filter dust floating in the air, clean guarantee admission. Car air filter more for paper material, theoretically replacement cycle at about 20000 kilometers, the concrete replacement time is given priority to with using the environment and usage. 3, car air conditioner filter: air conditioning filter and air filter is a truth, when in the open air conditioning filter into the dust in the air conditioning system in the air or pollen, guarantee the evaporation tank and the car clean air. 4, gasoline filter: the role of the accessories is to filter out the impurity in the fuel, more clean, let into the cylinder after combustion mixture on the one hand can protect the engine, on the other hand also let more environmentally friendly. According to chengdu billion rui xin tires, brake pads, oil, battery, spark plugs, wiper and other auto parts wholesale supply center market survey, most of the engine jacket is one-time cannot unpick and wash type paper filter, fuel filter theory change cycle is 10000 km. 5, spark plug, spark plug role is simply to ignite combustible mixture. Can spark plug the battery in the high pressure cylinder, introduced current, produce an electric spark ignites a mixed gas in the cylinder, so that the cylinder start work, start the engine. Rui xin wholesale auto parts manufacturers to remind you spark plugs need regular replacement of parts, each to start the ignition of spark plug caused a certain loss, poor consumer habits will also lead to more carbon deposition, affect the service life of the spark plug. 6, water glass, glass of water is the main purpose of cleaning the windshield and headlights. Glass water two glass of water for winter and summer, winter according to the local temperature using lower the freezing point of water glass, glass in the summer much water to clean the degumming effect. 7, wiper blade, wiper blades is a rainy day when the refresh windshield surface ensure clear vision, wiper wiper blades appear don't need to change when the net, in theory, change cycle is 1 year or so. The stand or fall of 8, brake pads, brake pads directly impact on the performance of the brake. When on the brake pedal, brake pads will be squeezed on the brake disc or drum brake friction to stop the wheel rotation. Rui xin brake pads wholesale supply center to remind you of different driving habits can make the brake pads wear make a huge difference, replace the specific time to judge for themselves. 9, transmission oil, transmission oil is also called the transmission oil, main effect is to shift gears, forming a layer of oil film, cushion the impact of the strong. On the one hand can make the transmission work more smoothly, on the other hand also can keep the gearbox clean, and prolong its service life. 10, antifreeze, antifreeze and cooling fluid, its main function is to prevent frostbite and for engine cooling. Antifreeze is not equal to water, of course, it into material can have the effect of corrosion, scale prevention.
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