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To improve the performance of casting binder used method

by:Sinpo     2020-11-29
Advantages of organic binder in chemical structure determines the nature of the material. Organic binder contains an element of - Carbon, carbon can be connected to each other together to form polymers. Organic binder in foundry endowed with many advantages of sand mold/core: good sand mold ( Core) Strength; High production efficiency; Good casting surface quality and dimensional accuracy; Good shakeout performance; Good old sand recycling ratio. Shortcomings, of course, because of its material itself as the organic matter, there are some shortcomings as follows: raw materials derived from petroleum or agricultural chemicals; Product price is high, and rising; Modelling, core making, VOC value is high, the harm the operator health. Pouring process, produce a large number of harmful gas, pollute the environment. Inorganic binder and inorganic binder component is sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, aluminum, silicon and phosphorus and its compounds are generally silicate, phosphate and aluminate. Inorganic binder usually by dehydration will sand mold core bonding together, but it depends on the moisture evaporation rate. Owing to its the characteristic, has some of the following advantages: inorganic binder sources, cheap raw materials; Inorganic binder solvent volatilization problems; Inorganic binder in the casting pouring, no harmful gases. Aqueous inorganic adhesive curing speed is very slow, generally related to the moisture migration velocity. Inorganic binder can react with silica sand formation of low melting point. That has made the inorganic binder in sand as follows: slow hardening and strength of moulding sand is low; The use of performance and environment moisture and humidity sensitive; Sand dyke sex difference; Sand powerusageeffectiveness low back. Second, the application of organic/inorganic binder in foundry binder selection determines the production process of the casting. Important to choose the type of binder, it not only determines the size of the production workshop layout, die, modelling and core-making equipment, used sand reclamation equipment and cleaning equipment of fixed assets investment. Also determines the production process, the cost of production, management mode, working proficiency and product market position, and many other factors. Binder type selection and types of castings, past practices and experience, local source of raw material prices and have a close relationship. Binder type choice, general also focus on this kind of binder in the future time the feasibility of its technology, the feasibility of economy, environmental feasibility and the feasibility of energy saving and recycling.
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