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To extend the trailer leg is very important to use fixed number of year maintenance details

by:Sinpo     2020-10-17
Now the convenient is embodied in all aspects of The Times, the transportation of goods, in the process of transport trailer is a good choice, trailer in the process of transport trailer leg has played an important role, when the trailer to carry out the different driving mode is trailer support method is decidedly different, in the face of the case before the high degree of transport, trailer support maintenance is also nots allow to ignore, it usually use how to use, how to do to make it longer life? Trailer leg with compact structure inside and outside the square tube and the structure of reinforced installation plate, cold wire drawing, and bad forging gear, silk porch USES floating structure design, the lifting nut completely sealed to blow up in the form of grease cavity nut in the support device and accept the new grease lubrication, is more efficient to improve, stronger bearing capacity. Trailer leg under the different circumstances of the use of the method: 1, transmission speed adjustment, trailer and other vehicle driving used, need to adjust the different transmission speed, and in different transmission speed, trailer leg how to use, all have the strict limit, in the absence of transporting goods, its transmission speed without limit, but in the transport goods, especially when carrying heavy cargo, you must use slow; 2, smooth ground trailer leg with at the time of the tractor, need to balance the trailer, need to choose a stable area, there are limits, if it is a site can use other auxiliary methods, such as the wheels under the pad stone, wood, etc. ; 3, put in the leg does not use trailer leg, be sure to put it in the right position, so that can ensure the process of driving leg will not damage, can also facilitate the next normal use; Trailer leg maintenance: 1, the trailer leg after the use, the ministries should be scrubbed clean, when not in use the leg fell to the lowest position, so as to avoid the piston rod surface rust; 2, leg work if there is abnormal sound, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check homework, lest cause leg serious damage; Must be checked before use electrical equipment is normal, every shaft oil hole, shaw should add lubricating oil before each use; 3, in order to ensure the trailer leg is in good working condition, using its performance check: the validity of control button, the power cord and plug are in good condition, the pipeline is in good condition, the stability of the guardrail, the u bolt tightness, appearance quality in good condition; 4, leg should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of work load, overload work may lead to personnel and damage to the goods, in the absence of security fence work on lifting platform, can make people fall, causing casualties. The above is what we arrange for you about trailer leg using method and maintenance measures, hope you in the future use of this equipment is our article can bring you some advice, if you have other related questions about the device, can focus on our website, later there will be more wonderful information waiting for you.
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