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Tire to do regular check every month

by:Sinpo     2020-10-12
The general owners attention, including the spare tire, car tire, must want to do regular check every month. When inspection, want to observe whether there are cracks or scratches on the tire surface at the same time. Best gloves into the tyre inside, and check whether there is a suspicious. As long as find any suspicious point, please garage to do detailed check immediately. There is something wrong with the tires don't hesitate to throw. If found the tire surface wear is not normal, should think of may wheel toe-in set-up has a problem, want to go to repair. First is that the lateral edge wear: if the suitable driving direction observation, wear in the outside edge of the tire is bigger, often is in a state of under-inflated tire, the pressure is not enough. If possible, press the 'highway' standard gas, any more than the normal standard 30000 mpa. Information underinflated tires very against a rainy day, grip will be significantly weakened. Second is to check the convexity and corrugated wear: if discover on the both sides of the part is convex tyre wear, and also assumes the corrugated surrounding the tyre wear, show car shock absorber, bearing, spherical coupling part wear serious, etc. Before replacement tires, suggest you check the abrasion of the suspension system and replace the worn parts. Otherwise, even if the replacement tires also of no help. Then check whether the surface even wear: once the tire pattern already dry grinding, shows that the service life of tires is, must be replaced. In addition, the pattern and send the effect of surface water, so is to keep the car grip the important link. If the wear is up to a standard of tire pattern depth ( Usually is 1. 6 mm, the width is greater than 175 mm tires is 2 mm) That has to be replaced. After is the center of the wear condition: if it is found that the tyres on the part of the center area of the situation of the severe wear, this shows that the tires often is in a state of inflatable too full. Be sure to check the pressure gauge is accurate, adjust good pressure, notes only moving in a high speed or load, only need to tire too much. And then there is the inside of the tyre wear situation: the inside of the tyre wear, burr shaped outer edge. Common to some old car suspension system is bad, make whole body in deep down. This suggests that the tire deformation, two tires symmetry has been affected. If there are conditions, all accessories such as shock absorber, the spherical coupling the best replace it. But if cost is too high, can consider to ask professional set-up mechanic front axle and the Angle of the tire. Finally is the tire lateral crack: this kind of situation because of poor maintenance, or driving in many stone pavement and construction sites, so hard objects in contact with the tyres, under the pressure caused the breakage of the inner tyre. Should act immediately, if the repair is bad to be replaced tires.
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