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Through these three methods to determine the brake disc replacement

by:Sinpo     2020-12-26
Whether the brake plate need to be replaced, can through the following three methods to judge: 1) Listening: if in tapping the brakes at the same time accompanied by 'iron ceng iron filar silk or tao cries, It is possible that the brake pads at the beginning of running-in effect when installation) And the brake pads must be replaced immediately. With limit signs on both sides of the brake pads have direct friction brake disc, brake pads have shown that over limit. Encounter this kind of situation, in replacement of brake pads at the same time check with brake disc, appear this kind of voice often brake plate has been damaged, a scratch, even replace new brake pads at this time still can't eliminate noise, timely replacement of brake discs. In addition, some bad quality in the brake pads have hard points, also can produce different ring, so in general, so the sound will disappear after using grinding away for a period of time. 2) Usually in the dashboard brake disc whether warning light should light up as in the judgment of brake discs. General state of the lights to go out, when the brake disk failure or excessive wear, light the lamp, after repair. When warning lights up, brake disc was worn to the limit, the brake effect has fallen, greatly affect driving safety, therefore, we recommend that you regularly check to see if it can brake disc wear, and don't trust only warning light. 3) See thickness: most of the brake disc wear indicator products, is based on the distribution of the disk will 3 small pits. Using vernier calipers measure the depth of the pit is 1. 5mm。 Double disk that is to say, always wear depth to 3 mm, when shown below must wear and tear and wear in full, we suggest that the timely replacement of brake discs. And, of course, not all brake disc wear indicator. We can use a finger in the extension of plate edge touch can determine the depth of the roughly. Generally if the brake disc, double-sided always wear depth to 3 mm, should be timely replacement of brake discs. In addition, when the brake disc on both sides ( Drum) Use a different brand of different specifications, caused the friction effect is different, on both sides of the brake effect is different, can lead to brake running deviation, and poor braking effect and braking distance of the consequences. So proposal on both sides of the coaxial brake pads ( Shoe) Change at the same time, in order to make sure the same braking effect.
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