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The working principle of auto water pump you clear?

by:Sinpo     2020-11-20
Widely used in auto water pump centrifugal pumps. Its basic structure by the pump shell, connection plate or pulley, water pump shaft and bearing or shaft and bearing, water pump impeller and water seal device and other parts, is the main part of the car. Auto parts manufacturers, auto water pump working principle of auto water pump through the pulley drive pump bearings and rotating impeller, water pump in the cooling liquid by the impeller rotating together, under the action of centrifugal force is flung to the edge of the pump shell, produce certain pressure at the same time, and then from the channel or pipe flow. The center of the impeller due to the cooling fluid was thrown and the pressure is reduced, water in the cooling liquid in the pump inlet from the impeller center under the action of pressure difference of the pipe by suction impeller, to achieve the reciprocating cycle of the cooling fluid. Support the water pump shaft bearing grease lubrication, so to prevent the coolant leakage into grease grease emulsification, as well as to prevent the leakage of the grease. Water pump measures to prevent leakage of seal water seal and gasket. The water seal dynamic sealing ring and shaft through the interference fit between the impeller and the bearing, water seal static seal seat tightly pressed on the pump shell, so as to achieve the aim of sealing liquid coolant. Through the gasket are connected to the auto water pump, pump shell and supporting the bearing and other moving parts. Water pump and drain hole on the shell, between the water seal and bearing. Once a cooling fluid leakage water seal, from the drain out, in order to prevent the cooling fluid into the bearing chamber and the damaged bearing lubrication and corrosion lead to parts. If there is still a cooling fluid leakage after auto water pump has stopped, suggests that water has been damaged.
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