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The working principle and structure of electronic control engine is analysed

by:Sinpo     2020-12-01
Working principle and structure of auto electronic control engine is analysed with engine speed and load as a basic signal reflect the actual working condition of engine, with reference to the test of engine working condition of each corresponding fuel injection quantity and injection timing pulse spectra to determine the basic fuel injection quantity and injection timing, and then according to various factors, Such as water temperature, oil temperature, and atmospheric pressure, etc. ) For all kinds of compensation, so as to get the best fuel injection quantity and fuel injection and ignition timing, and then through the actuator to control the output. Electronically controlled engine camshaft position of the parameter identification of cylinder under test; The crankshaft position; Engine speed. The intake manifold absolute pressure; Air mass flow; Cooling water temperature; Air intake temperature; Throttle position; Deflagration signal; Exhaust oxygen content; Exhaust gas recirculation rate; Fuel pump voltage; Engine starting drag turn signals; The speed of the car. Electronically controlled engine structure (electronic control unit (ECU) for electronic control unit ECU) Is the core of the engine electronic control system. It completes the engine parameters acquisition and control of fuel injection quantity, injection timing, decides the features of electric control system of the whole. Sensors sensors ( 传感器) The engine working condition and environment of information through various signal real-time, true to the ECU. ECU, in other words, know that only a consists of many signal of engine. So, the accuracy of the sensor information, reproducibility and real-time is directly decided to control quality. Electric control system of actuators to complete all kinds of control functions, is accomplished by a variety of actuator. In the process of control, actuators from the ECU control signal is converted into a mechanical or electrical movement, thus cause the change of engine operating parameters, complete control function.
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