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The use of the electronic controlled gasoline injection engine is becoming more common in the car

by:Sinpo     2020-12-16
Now the efi engine ( Electronically controlled gasoline injection engine) The use of more and more common in the car, a source says carburetor engine cars in big cities in our country will soon be 'destroyed'. So the owner understanding of efi engine becomes more and more important, only by understanding the efi engine 'temper', you can better use and maintenance vehicles. Efi engine has the very big difference with the carburetor engine, in the use of methods are different. When starting the efi engine ( Including the cold car starting) , generally do not need to step on the gas. Because the efi engine has a cold start to add thick, automatic cold car fast idle function, can guarantee the engine no matter under cold or hot state of car starting smoothly; Before starting the engine and the process of starting, like starting carburetor engine fast on the accelerator pedal repeatedly method to increase the practice of fuel injection quantity is invalid. Because of efi engine accelerator pedal control throttle opening, only the fuel injection quantity is completely computer according to the volume parameter to determine; In the condition of lack of oil tank, efi engine should not be a long time running. Because electric petrol pump is on fuel through the gasoline pump for cooling. In the condition of lack of oil tank run the engine for a long time, can make in overheating and burning of electric fuel pump, so if your car is DianPenChe, when fuel warning lights on the dashboard, should go as soon as possible. Can't remove the sensor plug any when the engine is running, otherwise will be appeared in the computer artificial fault code, affect the maintenance personnel to correctly judge and troubleshooting. Efi engine is to use the electronic control unit. To replace the traditional mechanical systems ( Such as carburetor) To control the engine fuel supply process. Such as efi gasoline engine system is through a variety of sensor, the temperature of engine air-fuel ratio. Throttle position, the engine speed, load and crankshaft position, the condition of vehicle electronic control signal input device. The electronic control device according to the signal parameters. Calculation and control required for each cylinder engine fuel injection quantity and injection time, gasoline under certain pressure through the injector atomized spray into the air inlet pipe. And mixed with the air into the air into the combustion chamber combustion, so as to ensure that the engine and catalytic converter always working in good condition. This is controlled by the electronic system will fuel injector is sprayed into the engine air intake system of engine called efi engine. Efi engine can be divided by number of fuel injector multi-point injection and single point injection. Each cylinder engine has a fuel injection nozzle, abbreviations for MPI, multi-point injection. Several cylinder engine Shared a fuel injection nozzle SPI abbreviations. According to a single point injection. Gasoline injection engine compared with the carburetor engine, the prominent advantage is that can accurately control the quality of the mixture, ensure the fuel burning in the cylinder completely, make the exhaust emissions and fuel consumption will fall down, at the same time it also improves the charging efficiency of engines, increase engine power and torque. The disadvantage of electronic control fuel injection device is cost is a little taller than carburetor, so the price is more expensive, failure rate is low, once broken it will be difficult to repair, The computer can change the whole thing only) , but compared with its operation economy and environmental protection, these shortcomings is trivial. Classification of gasoline injection type can be divided into mechanical and electronic control type two kinds. Mechanical fuel injection device is a kind of mechanical hydraulic control injection technology, as early as the 30 s application in aircraft engines, in the 50 s application on German Benz 300 bl car engines. The appearance of the integrated circuit electronic technology can be applied on the engine, a better gasoline injection device - — Electronically controlled gasoline injection technology also arises at the historic moment. Any kind of electronic controlled gasoline injection device structure, are made by injection oil, sensors and electronic control unit ( The miniature computer) Composed of three parts. When the ejector installed in the original carburetor position, known as the single point of electronically controlled fuel injection device; When the injector is installed on the inlet pipe of each cylinder, called multi-point electronic control fuel injection device.
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