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The trailer suspension and semi trailer suspension difference!

by:Sinpo     2020-09-24
Whether the trailer suspension or semi trailer suspension, has been widely used, and what are the difference between them? Next to you in detail, interested friends can learn together. Ordinary including body, axle semi-trailer, suspension systems, axle and suspension systems are at the bottom of the body at both ends of the vehicle wheels, transverse set in the bottom of the body, before the suspension system in the body and the axle connection effect. When the body by external drive, through suspension system at the ends of the driving axle wheel movement. Is the trailer suspension frame and axle type wheels connected device, play the main role in all kinds of force and moment between the wheel and the workshop. The above is to introduce the trailer suspension and semi-trailer suspension, the difference between a believe that everyone has a new understanding, continue to focus on our web site for more information.
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