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The spark plug gap size analysis influence on fuel consumption

by:Sinpo     2020-10-15
Ordinary spark plug with nickel-based alloy electrode has been more and more not adapt to high power and high price of automobile fittings rotational speed, large compression ratio of the need of modern engines. In order to make the spark plug has higher ignition performance and service life, people started to aim for precious metals ( Platinum, iridium, yttrium, etc. ) , be used for electrodes and improved the structure of the ignition end accordingly. Precious metals have high melting point, platinum melting point of 2042 k, iridium 2716 k. Adding some elements ( Rhodium, palladium) After has the ability of high chemical resistance. Its made from thin electrode ( Diameter of 0. 2mm) , sintering in insulators ignition end directly, or with a diameter of 0. 4 to 0. 8 mm wafer using laser welding in the center electrode front and side electrode of the working face. The electrode has strong point discharge effect, also can ignition when voltage is relatively low, the spark gap can be increased to 1. 1 ~ 1. 5mm。 Precious metals to make 1, qualitative changes have taken place in the performance of the spark plug electrode of high corrosion performance enough to keep the spark gap unchanged for a long time, make the ignition voltage stability, the engine work smoothly. The spark plug, use process without adjustment spark gap. 2, suitable for cold start. Because the point discharge, easy ignition, improve the performance of the engine under the working condition of low speed auto parts price. 3, reduce the absorption of heat and flame electrodes, strengthen the spark energy. Tiny electrodes make clearance around the space to expand, increase the accessibility of mixture, make the combustion more sufficient and lower emissions. Importance of the spark plug gap spark plug gap is appropriate, had a great influence on the full play of 'efficiency', the spark plug gap in manufacturing have to adjust to the best location, incorrect gap is likely to spark plug function and a large impact on the performance of the engine. Small gap had greater than harm electrode gap is too big, can make the arc length is larger, but less energy, and auto parts price will cause the cylinder misfire; The opposite electrode gap is too small, can make the arc energy increase, but due to the flame kernel is close to the electrode, flame, makes the mixture incomplete combustion and increase fuel consumption. (1) the ignition, need higher pulse ignition voltage. (2) in the process of engine working flame-out phenomenon may occur. (3) in the case of poor ignition, easy to cause combustion of fuel oil is not sufficient, resulting in increased fuel consumption. If it is found that the spark plug, the phenomenon of the clearance is too large, to replace spark plugs in time, usually a good spark plug can help improve motivation and save fuel consumption.
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