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The shock absorber of auto parts manufacturers introduce comprehensive knowledge!

by:Sinpo     2020-12-06
Oil seal gasket, sealing gasket fracture damage of oil storage cylinder head nut is loose. Is likely to be oil seal, seal gasket failure damage, should change the new seal. If still can't eliminate the oil spill, should pull out of the shock absorber, if feel the hairpin or weight, will have a further check whether the clearance between the piston and cylinder is too large, the shock absorber piston connecting rod for bending, the piston connecting rod surface and the cylinder have scratches or marks. Without shock absorber oil leakage phenomenon, should check the shock absorber connecting pin, connecting rod, connecting holes, rubber, bushing and so on whether there is damage, desoldering, rupture, or fall off. If the above check is normal, should be further decomposed shock absorber, check whether the fitting clearance between the piston and cylinder is too large, a cylinder with and without strain, valve seal are in good condition, whether the disc and seat nicely, and whether the presence of shock absorber spring is too soft, or broken, grinding according to the circumstance or change a way to repair. Shock absorber in addition, the shock absorber in be used actually appear noise fault, this is mainly due to the shock absorber with steel plate spring, frame, or shaft collide, rubber gasket damage or loss and shock absorber dust drum deformation, caused the oil shortage, should find out the reason, to be repaired. Shock absorber in the inspection after repair performance test shall be carried out on the special test bench work, when the frequency of resistance in 100 + / - 1 mm, the stretching resistance of stroke and the compress stroke should comply with the rules, show that basic normal shock absorber. Above problems is the routine inspection vehicle shock absorber and coping styles, many friends like modified favorite is change exhaust, surrounded, suspension and on the ground of teeth everyone's starting point is as far as possible, improve the performance of a particular aspect of the vehicle. But again the strong modification is difficult to achieve the original factory matching degree, security cannot be guaranteed, so hot-rod is not allowed on the road by the country.
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