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The replacement cycle of the auto parts

by:Sinpo     2020-12-09
First, brake pad replacement cycle: 2. 50000 - 30000 kilometers of brake pads and brake disc replacement time period is not fixed, it depends on the traffic road, pilot frequency and strength on the brake pedal. Conventional brake pad replacement mileage is 2 per drive. 50000 - About 30000 kilometers. Of course, there are some special cases, such as: 1, new, much more frequently. 2, automatic waste more than manual brake pads. 3, often drive in congested cities big loss. Second, tire replacement cycle: between 50000 and 80000 kilometers to regular replacement tires, a set of tyres and durable, also cannot use all my life. Under normal circumstances, a tire replacement cycle is 50000 to 80000 kilometers. Tire lateral crack of if, even if there is no achieve mileage, for safety, also want to change. When the tread depth is less than 1. 6 mm, or tread pattern has reached the wear indicator, must be replaced. Car tires to replace or discard the best reference to the following: 1, 3 years or 6 - 80000 kilometers. 2, tread below line 1 life. 6 mm. 3, tread was more than four times the tyres. 4, by the tire or was gnawing on the tyre. 5, tread was more than 4 mm diameter tyres. 6, tire shoulder is tires. Third, wiper replacement cycle: indefinite wiper replacement time is not necessarily. According to the wiper quality at different levels, use environment, maintenance, wiper replacement time is different. Is the most important indicators to see your wipers to blow dry clean, make it have any scratches? Auto wiper after prolonged sun exposure, the baptism of the rain, itself has some aging, lead to wiper is not clean. In order to ensure a good field of vision, usually windshield wiper use for half a year to just need to be replaced once a year, but there are some good quality brand can use more long.
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