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The points for attention during the piston to install auto parts

by:Sinpo     2020-12-21
Piston is the key component of fuel engine inside, it and cylinder, piston and cylinder wall and so on with complete fuel gas seal used car engine has two kinds of diesel and gasoline engine, due to the different fuel system performance, the piston its use is endless also and same, so should pay attention to the problem: when install the piston (1) , piston in cylinder liner inner, interface to a certain gap. 2) , should be installed on the piston, piston ring groove, must have certain side clearance along the height direction. 3) Chromium plating, should be installed in the first, don't toward the piston at the top of the eddy current pit openings direction. 4) Stagger, each piston opening in 120 ℃, were not on the piston pin hole. 5) , conic, piston, cone when installation should be upward. 6) And reverse ring installation, chamfering or grooving should upward. 7) And installing a combination ring, ring should be installed axial line, flat ring and waveform ring again. Waveform ring with above two pieces of flat ring, down to a piece of flat ring, opening should be staggered. But with the progress of technology, steel high power piston ring was born, and with the engine functions, environment asks is ceaseless rise, all kinds of advanced surface treatment and application of them, such as solvent, plating, chrome plating, gas nitriding, physical deposition, surface coating, zinc manganese phosphating treatment etc, make the function of the piston is greatly increased.
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