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The major parts of the car have?

by:Sinpo     2020-10-28
A major part of the car engine, chassis, body and electrical equipment, tire five basic parts. Engine is car power plant, is made up of two large institutions five series: crank connecting rod mechanism, distribution mechanism, cooling system, fuel supply system, lubrication system, ignition system, starting system, but less than a gasoline engine diesel engine ignition system. The chassis by the transmission, driving system, steering system and brake system. Body is installed on the chassis frame to the driver and passengers aboard or loading of the goods. Passenger car, bus body generally is the overall structure, van body is usually consists of two parts, the cab and crate. Electrical equipment is composed of power supply and power consumption equipment of two parts. Power supply including battery and generator; Electrical equipment including the engine starting system, gasoline engine ignition system and other electric devices. Tire is one of the important parts of the car, it is directly in contact with the road surface, and the automobile suspension to ease when the car the impact, ensure that car has good ride comfort and riding comfort.
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