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The maintenance methods trailer hinge

by:Sinpo     2020-10-19
Hinge, hinges, composed of two folding, often is two parts and can make the connection object moving parts, is one of the common hardware accessories, plays a very important role, hinges need regular cleaning and maintenance, such ability to maintain its normal work. Not only door hinges need maintenance, even the hinges on the trailer need maintenance, after all, it is also a kind of hinge, its quality will cause certain influence to later use. So how should maintain? Here let's to know 1, keep the hinge a clean, dry, if touch water to should be wiped with toilet paper in time to avoid formation of watermark. 2, application of cleaning fluid is screw will hinge from top to bottom spray once, let the rust inside full moist. 3, the oil should be poured into new sewing machine oil pot, and then the oil gently point into the hinge of the aperture, pay attention to don't order too much, cause waste. Hinges every even points to the seams, oil closed around open repeat several times fully will hinge lubrication, sewing machine oil when not used the lid to cover it. 。 (4), clean hinges, should be with a soft cloth wipe gently in addition to its surface stains, wipe with a cloth and then touch point antirust oil, keep dry of the page. 5, should be the proper use of lubricant, lest time is long hinges in turn brought about by the noise, suggest to use a 3 months. Above is the hinge of trailer manufacturer described the content for you, want to be able to bring you some help, so if we in the later processing, can also be easier.
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