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The longevity secret of auto parts

by:Sinpo     2020-09-09
Avoid heat engine piston temperature is exorbitant, can lead to overheating burning-out and produce auto parts manufacturers embrace cylinder; Rubber seals, triangle belt, tires and other overheating, prone to premature aging, performance degradation, shorten service life; Starter, generator, controller and other electrical equipment coil overheating, easily burned and destroyed. Avoid dirty fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filters and all kinds of spare parts such as mesh auto parts manufacturers if too dirty, deterioration in filtration effect. Radiator radiator, air cooled engine cylinder block and cylinder head heat sink, radiator cooler parts too dirty, can lead to bad heat dissipation, the temperature is too high. To avoid the engine cylinder gasket can't put wrong when installation, otherwise it will result in premature cylinder pad ablation damage; The engine fan blades installation not opposite; With direction pattern of tyres, herringbone pattern tyres, after installation of the ground mark should make herringbone pointed to the back. Avoid lack of engine air lock, should be installed in pairs, such as packing or missing will lead to valve piston crashed out of control and auto parts manufacturers, etc; Engine connecting rod bolt, flywheel bolts, shaft bolt is installed on the split pin, lock screw, locking devices such as insurance or trampoline, once the packing, may lead to serious failure in use; Engine timing gear chamber used for lubrication of gear oil nozzle once packing, can lead to serious drain point. Avoid dry oil engine air filter paper filter, such as with oil, easy to cause higher levels of mixture to inhale air cylinder, the air quantity insufficiency, the fuel consumption and engine power decline; If the triangle tape on oil, will accelerate the corrosion of aging; Brake shoe, dry clutch friction plate and brake band with oil, pose a threat to safety. Tire rubber is sensitive to corrosion of oil, can make the rubber soft contact with oil or peeling. Paper from the wash for engine air filter, can't use any oil cleaning; For cortical parts, unfavorable also use oil cleaning. Avoid tire store tues if stored for a long time and don't turn in time, will occur due to extrusion deformation; Air filter, fuel filter paper filter, such as extrusion, not reliable filtration effect; Rubber oil seal, triangle belt, such as tubing cannot squeeze. Avoid near fire tires, triangle belt, cylinder liner resistance hydrosphere, rubber oil seal and other rubber products, if the car accessories factory near the fire, will be easily aging deterioration or damage, on the other hand also may cause fire accident.
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