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The heavier cars really more secure? Auto safety three big mistake

by:Sinpo     2020-10-23
The phrase circulated on the Internet, thin skin filling big three crisp, accord the music camry, see this sentence, you will always feel Japanese too light, not safe, some people will say, thick Germany wagons, Japanese cars, German cars so certainly safer than Japanese cars, auto safety is a lot of people are very concerned about, but many auto safety on a lot of misunderstanding, not to say that the thicker the tin, we will be more safe. In recent years, has been listening to you will want to buy a car friends buy in whisper is heavy or light car better? Imperceptible in, the vehicle weight has become the owner of choose and buy a discloser index. Investigate its reason, may be due to a few years ago people from some accident in the summary: the quality of big car stand more. Myth: the thicker the tin is more safe? When it comes to vehicle weight, everyone will think of the material of body, many auto makers at the time of its products are safe, don't say that they use tin how thick, most will emphasize their USES the high strength of the material, how many stars and collision. In fact, when driving speed reach more than 60 km, 1. More than 5 tons of car collision occurs, the 0. Tin thickness of 2 mm do not have any effect at all. Myth 2: the heavier body more secure? Actually under the condition of the same weight, body structure more reasonable, and the full before the higher hardness, such as the following 6. 8 tons truck at speed of 60 km/h when collision occurs serious deformation, but 1. 3 tons of cars at speed of 60 km/h, there was no serious deformation, so the vehicle weight may not security, security architecture design is more important. Myth 3: automotive lightweighting is jerry violate laws of classical physics, it seems so car be heavier, and the safety of vehicle weight and this topic has been one of the hot topics of the platform. In recent years, the automotive lightweighting gradually become the industry's new hot words, automobile lightweight design is not only a security enhancement, the automobile power performance and fuel economy also has a lot to improve, authority experiments have proved that if the curb weight by 100 kilograms, reduces hundred kilometers fuel consumption can reduce 0. 3 to 0. 6 liters. Lightweight is actually in order to meet the requirements of all low purchasing cost and low fuel consumption and the derivative of the 'model', the higher the cost of car is heavier, fuel consumption also relatively higher, of course, the opposite is lightweight vehicles.
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