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The disadvantage of the development of the auto parts industry

by:Sinpo     2020-09-06
One disadvantage, recycled, restricted remanufacturing enterprise sustainable development. Policy constraints also let the small number of auto parts. According to is still in the implementation of the State Council decree 307 automobiles recycling management method 'regulation, including engine, gearbox, axle,' five big assembly 'must be sold to iron and steel enterprises as raw materials for the production. But in fact, in the assembly, there are many resources can be remanufacturing. It's caused a remanufacturing enterprise recycled from policy is not enough. Faults 2, remanufacturing industry order, formal enterprises face 'assorted' bad competition. For normal to automotive components manufacturing enterprises, recycling scrap prices of enterprise is generally carried out according to the scrap market price. With a face scrapped jetta car as an example, the company pay the cost of the owners in 1000 yuan. Whereas some lack of qualification of small workshops, rely on bootleg engine, gearbox assembly, to obtain huge profits. To, for example, a 10 tons of scrap truck because 'five big assembly' can not be sold by the regulation, formal enterprise mainly by selling scrap steel after dismantling to benefit, a lot of sell twenty thousand yuan, the price cannot be more than 1. 20000 yuan, otherwise the costs, taxes, will be a loss. But underground dismantling plant can completely for the price of twenty thousand yuan or more, for at least an illegal sale 'five big assembly,' can make a lot of money, such as big truck engine to sell 7000 yuan, rear axle can sell 8000 yuan, down to sell a car to 2. It's not difficult to 50000 yuan or more. Disadvantages three, domestic remanufacturing enterprise overall technical level is not high, low social recognition for remanufacturing industry, hinder the further development of the industry. According to introducing, auto parts remanufacturing production need to be carried out in accordance with the specific process and dismantling, cleaning, detection, classification, failure parts remanufacturing processing or replace, product assembly, then the factory after strict test into the market. In fact, due to the automotive remanufacturing industry in China started late, equipment is relatively backward, the main or cost is too high, enterprise itself alone burden a lot of pressure, resulting in domestic remanufacturing industry compared with the foreign counterparts, there is a big gap on technology and quality. An obvious example is that even if in the auto parts remanufacturing demonstration pilot enterprises, there are still some in the use of relatively backward to change a repair method, the size of the repair and remanufacturing rate is very low. At the same time, due to the traditional consumption concept and propaganda is not enough, the influence of such factors as the current domestic public awareness is not enough for auto parts manufacturing industry, there is a certain deviation, 'half even cheap, also won't buy junk' consumption idea is very common. This leads to a consumer's understanding of automotive remanufacturing and support is not enough, remanufacturing product go back into the hands of the consumers are very limited. Current to propel the development of the automotive remanufacturing industry healthy and orderly, must be multi-pronged, integrated use of legal, economic, and necessary administrative means to be promoted, especially in the current industry widespread phenomenon, and the opening of solution should strengthen administrative law enforcement, firmly ban illegal enterprises and small cottage dens.
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