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The difference between the trailer suspension and semi trailer suspension

by:Sinpo     2020-09-23
Ordinary semi-trailer body, axles and suspension systems, axle and suspension system located at the base of the body, among them, the axle is a barbell, on both ends of the axle set wheels, the lateral set on the bottom of the body, between the body and the axle suspension system to connect the axle and the body: when the body drag force, the body through the suspension system located at the ends of the axle wheel movement. The semi trailer leaf spring suspension ( Leaf spring suspension) Is divided into little pieces of variable cross-section steel plate suspension and uniform the multi-plate leaf spring suspension. At present domestic more than 95% of the heavy card suspension system based on leaf spring for the elastic element and guide the independent suspension, its main advantages are simple structure, manufacturing easy, convenient maintenance, technology is mature, reliable work. Trailer suspension is the trailer chassis and axle type wheels connected device. Its main function is to transfer function between the wheel and the frame of all kinds of force and moment, and reduce and eliminate the road through the axle to the frame of the impact load and vibration, to improve the driving comfort of trailer.
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