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The developing course of auto parts manufacturers about bumper

by:Sinpo     2020-10-08
The bumper ( 保险杠) , decorate a function not only, more important is to absorb and moderate external impact, protective body protect body and occupant safety function of the safety device, auto front end are equipped with car bumper. Automobile bumper material development history about 20 years ago, the car's front and rear bumper with metal materials is given priority to, main body for more than 3 mm thickness steel plate after stamping forming of u-shaped channel steel, chromium plating on the surface, with riveting or welding frame longitudinal beam, and the body has a large gap, as additional components. Traditional car bumper, quality weight increased the car fuel consumption, reduce automobile flexibility and brake. Development of automobile industry, automobile bumper under the condition of invariable pursue the original protection function, lightweight, and the harmony of body. Early use plastic bumper car producers is fiat. Plastic bumper introduced not only save the manufacturing cost, easier to manufacture, but also on industrial level is low, therefore, fast within the automotive industry promotion. At the same time, the plastic material used also reduces the manufacturing cost, so as to make the car prices more intimate. Plastic bumper material type and select plastic bumper by plate, cushion materials and beams of three parts, such as the use of polymeric materials are mainly polyester and polypropylene materials, made by injection molding in. Plastic bumper use material mainly for polycarbonate ( PC) Poly (butyl glycol terephthalate ( PBT) And the modified polypropylene ( PP) 。 1) And polycarbonate ( PC) : the molecular chain of polymer containing carbonate base, in accordance with the ester base structure can be divided into aromatic, aliphatic, aromatic - A variety of types such as aliphatic, polycarbonate is one of the current five engineering plastics. Comprehensive performance is superior, has outstanding mechanical strength, impact resistance, dimension stability, transparency, electrical insulation, bibulous rate is low, and creep resistance. Among them, the temperature range of - 60 - Nearly 120 ℃, electrical insulation PET and molecular weight of ( 2. 8 - 3. 0) * 104, the impact strength is larger, and mechanics performance is outstanding in all thermoplastics. Problems: the friction coefficient is bigger, poor wear resistance, alkali resistance is poor, low stress cracking and fatigue strength. 2) And poly (butyl glycol terephthalate ( PBT) : 1. 4 butyl glycol ( 1. 4 - 丁二醇) With terephthalic acid ( PTA) Or terephthalate ( DMT) Poly condensation, and made by mixing procedure of milky white translucent to opaque, crystalline thermoplastic polyester resin. High mechanical strength, good fatigue resistance, good dimensional stability, creep, heat aging resistance, easy to have flame retardant modification, easy processing, good fluidity and high temperature resistant performance is better. High temperature resistant between $120 140 ℃。 Problem: PBT, easy to decompose under the influence of water, used in high temperature and high humidity environment need to be careful. 3) , modified polypropylene ( PP) Modified polypropylene ( PP) : although mechanical performance is good, but, in the tensile properties of the PP plastic products is low. PP has its advantages: non-toxic, tasteless ivory high crystallization, quality is light, the water stability and bibulous rate is extremely low.
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