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The compressor crankshaft of maintenance work

by:Sinpo     2020-11-27
Maintenance of compressor crankshaft 1. After removal of the compressor crankshaft cleaning cleaning inspection. Removed the crankshaft, should be soaked in petrol or kerosene wash, scrape off the residue or dirt. Remind gree air-conditioning after-sale maintenance, should pay attention to scrub parts with copper wire brush. Check. In the process of cleaning, carefully check the crankshaft in good condition. On may continue to use the crankshaft should be 2 - cleaning 3 times. Dry. Cleaning checked the crankshaft is placed within the tray, into the oven dry processing ( Oven temperature control in the 110 - 130 degrees or so, time is 4 - 5h) 。 Take out, will the crankshaft coated with a layer of lubricating oil, with a clean cloth cover to prevent dust pollution. 2. Clean after installation. Apply grease to the crankshaft, from casing hole by suction nozzle end inserted, and then the compressor motor rotor set into the crankshaft (at the end of the suction nozzle The end of the crankshaft) , in its position on a hollow thick iron pipe, the last in a vise, pressure into the slowly. Above has made the work of cleaning the compressor crankshaft and the method of take out after the installation back, hope can help to you. We are yongkang castings manufacturers, need the compressor crankshaft, ductile castings, air compressor crankshaft, welcome to inquire.
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