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The classification of the auto parts have?

by:Sinpo     2020-12-24
Engine parts cylinder head, body, oil sump crank connecting rod mechanism, such as: piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, connecting rod, crankshaft, piston rings: valve-train CAM shaft, inlet valve, exhaust valve, rocker, rocker arm shaft, lifter, putting air intake system such as: air filter, air intake resonator, intake manifold, throttle exhaust system such as: the ternary catalyst, exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe transmission system accessories flywheel, pressure plate, clutch, gearbox, gear shift operating mechanism, the drive shaft ( Universal joint) , wheel hub, brake system parts brake master cylinder, brake wheel cylinder, vacuum booster, brake pedal assembly, brake disc, brake drum, brake pads, brake pipe, ABS pump steering system accessories such as steering knuckle, the direction of machine, Fang Xiangzhu driving system, steering wheel, steering rod and other accessories rims, tire suspension front axle and rear axle, swing arm, ball head, shock absorber, ignition coil spring and other accessories, high tension line, spark plug ignition coil, ignition switch, ignition module fuel system accessories such as fuel pump, fuel oil, fuel filter, nozzle, pressure regulator, fuel tank cooling system accessories such as pumps, pipes, radiator ( Water tank) , radiator fan lubrication system parts oil pump, oil filter, oil pressure sensors, electrical instrumentation system accessories PUW lock valve, lamps and lanterns, ECU, switch, air conditioning, wiring harness, fuse, motors, relays, loudspeakers, actuator type lamps and lanterns lights, fog lamps, indoor lights, headlights, turn light, side turn signal before and after the combination lights, lights, all kinds of lamp switch type combination switch, glass lifts switch, temperature control switch and so on air conditioning compressor, condenser, dry bottle, air conditioning pipe, evaporation tank, blower, air conditioning fan sensor class water temperature sensor, air intake pressure sensor, air intake temperature sensor, air flow meter, oil pressure sensor, oxygen sensor, knock sensor body parts such as bumper, fender, door, windshield, pillar, seats, instrument panel, hood and trunk lid, skylight, floor, roof, door lock, armrest, threshold, and other accessories, air bags, seat belts, and so on.
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