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The choose and buy when the car accessories you need to pay attention to the following five

by:Sinpo     2020-08-19
For car parts of choose and buy is a very important work, just like we choose appropriate drugs for their same, cannot careless, otherwise, the consequence is unimaginable. Thus, summarizes several auto parts manufacturer must pay attention to: one, the unclear parts of the specifications of the type, must see the vehicle's certificate, use and so on, the certificate of approval of manual, engine and see if the car the nameplate nameplate, engine, vehicle type, production date, factory number, etc. , choose the same type to buy. Clue here, near of the same type of engine parts must not universal. Second, buy accessories, scientific name should use as far as possible or you can understand some of the appellation. Some buyers often disorderly to auto parts, don't use standard parts, and will buy the wrong information, such as some users to travel have 6 block, a reverse gear faw's transmission is called seven-speed gearbox, the five travel gear, a reverse gear transmission is a six-speed transmission. If they wanted to buy 6 speed transmission ( Practice to buy CA1091 gasoline vehicles transmission has five travel gear) On the top of the shaft, some dealers will sell him CA1092 diesel transmission ( There are six moving block) At the top of the shaft, if you don't know these accessories, resposible, is easy to buy the wrong. Three, to buy auto parts to promise, good service and other accessories distribution unit to the choose and buy, like to buy a sample for vehicle selected merchants pay attention to. Can't due to contact the dealer is good, go and buy his accessories. Four, to buy auto parts, must be familiar with and master brand, realize the famous brand. Bag yesterday was appraised as provincial fine-quality ministerial products, honor is valid for five years. We should pay attention to grasp the information, the choose and buy the recent famous quality accessories. Here the way some users of the production. Bag yesterday, has become the majority in closer from the hosts, local or regional, the state has become in skills, money, equipment, etc are given to ensure that can make the production output reached the same request of accessories. Many makers are now in or facing the world recruit supporting domestic enterprises, only the enterprise approved by the forms a system of product quality inspection, the enterprise will achieve a product of form a complete set of rights. Must be clear in this respect. Five, buying auto parts must ask for invoice, and indicate the specific origin of the parts. These are all in order to maintain their own legitimate rights and interests, prevent purchasing counterfeit parts.
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