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The choose and buy of auto parts products have what good skills?

by:Sinpo     2020-09-11
The composition and principle of spark plug plug the composition of the spark plug is composed of dielectric and metal shell of two parts: metal shell with screw thread, screw in cylinder depends on it; In the casing is equipped with an insulator, it through with a central electrode, upper center electrode connection nut, high-voltage wire connection from distributor plate; Under the shell of the transverse welding has grounding electrodes, the center between the electrode and the grounding electrode is 0. 6 - 1. 0 mm gap, high voltage, after the clearance will burst out sparks mixture into the ground. Working principle of spark plug ignition device of high voltage between the center of the spark plug electrode and the electrode, making them between the gas ionization, the insulation between the electrodes are destroyed and generate an electric current, spark discharge is generated. Caused by electric spark ignition is through the spark discharge between the electrode and make the combustion particles activeness, and heating effect occur, flame kernel formation, the final form in itself as the center to the peripheral expansion flame combustion. The choose and buy of auto parts products have what good method? How to choose and to a high cost performance car parts, right here, recommend the following tips to you, help you to choose a better car accessories: loss shall be returned. See packing factory accessories is compared commonly specification, unified specification, printing clear, formal and counterfeit products packaging and printing is poor, often can easily find the flaw from the packaging; , see color some original parts surface to specify a certain color, if encounter other colors, it is fake spare parts; , watch looks original accessories they print or type and legible and formal and counterfeit product appearance coarse; , unscrupulous traders watch paint will be used by the simple processing accessories, such as the disassembly and assembly, to spell, gather together, paint and other processing, impersonating products sell, illegal access to high profits; Factory parts of materials, the quality of a material is to use unqualified material according to the design requirements, is to use the cheap fake products inferior materials substitute; , look at the inferior product appearance although on occasion, but due to poor craftsmanship, prone to crack, sand holes, slag inclusion, burr or damaged; , see 'storage' auto parts if weather-shack, oxidation, BianSeJing or aging problems, may be in store environment is poor, and poor storage time is long, the material itself causes; , see the 'joint' in the event of clutch plate rivet joint loose, brake hoses are degumming, electrical parts to take off the welding seams, paper filter off wait for a phenomenon, is not used; , watch logo with some mark on part of the normal parts, such as the gear, piston top marks, such as assembly mark, mark used to guarantee the parts installed correctly, not can't buy; , see gaps complete formal assembly parts must be in good condition, to ensure smooth loading and normal operation. Some assembly parts of individual small parts packing, is generally 'gray', to loading due to these difficulties. Often because of lack of individual gadgets, caused the entire assembly parts scrap;
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