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The causes of cracks in the trailer girder appear

by:Sinpo     2020-11-15
Trailer girder is a major part of the trailer, girder around there are many longitudinal beam, truss and beam formed the whole consignment platform trailer. In addition: trailer girder if improper use in manufacturing and material aspects, there will be a break beam and other road traffic accident trailer girder cracking caused by many reasons, the main or unqualified material, and welding girder, a false welding, the phenomenon of slag. Semi trailer frame girder is the main component, in the middle of the frame, usually called longitudinal beam, points left longeron and right longitudinal beam, cross section is usually h, by the up/down central wing plate and web plate, hanging bracket is welded to the girder under the wing. Before the goose neck and selects the variable diameter structure, towing plate welded to the gooseneck before under the wing. Sitting on the edge of the trailer, see two big h is girder cross section. Above is the reason why crack of trailer girders, everybody must be regular inspection and maintenance, to avoid accidents.
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