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The car engine what is the role of the attachment?

by:Sinpo     2020-09-19
Engine accessories is needed to guarantee the normal work of the engine of the accessory device, such as pumps, controllers, sensors, actuator cylinder, valve, oil filter, etc. The car engine what is the role of the attachment? ( 1) Filter. Filter in the engine air intake system, it is made of one or several 2113 clean air filter of parts assembly. Its main role is filter will enter in the air cylinder harmful impurities, to reduce the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat 5261 early wear. ( 2) Piston ring. Piston ring is used for the hallow metal ring inside the piston grooves, piston ring is a bigger outward expansion deformation of the elastic metal ring, it is assembled into section and its corresponding circular groove. ( 3) Oil seal. Oil seal is used to seal oil of mechanical components, it will be driving part 4102 need lubrication components and output components in isolation, not let lubricating oil leakage. ( 4) The throttle body. Air door is to control the engine body breathe in how much of a valve. Is a circular steel piece, there is a 1653 axis, and throttle thread connection, and is controlled by a throttle pull. ( 5) The supercharger. Improve the mixture or air into the cylinder pressure of the device. ( 6) Automatic transmissions. Automatic transmission car, can according to the road automatic transmission torque, the driver can view roads full penetration to god without being version of the feet chaotic shift to get busy. ( 7) The petrol pump. The role of the petrol pump is sucked out the gasoline from the tank, and concession road and petrol filter pressure to the carburetor float indoor. ( 8) The connecting rod. On both ends of the connecting rod mechanism in respectively with active and driven member hinge right to transfer movement and force of bar. ( 9) Efi. Efi engine has a cold start to add thick, automatic cold car fast idle function, can guarantee no matter under cold or hot state of car engine starting smoothly.
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